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If your vet is concerned about a problem with your pet’s heart or suspects that there may be something that requires further investigation, they may refer you to a cardiologist who has more knowledge in this area. 

At Pride Veterinary Centre, our cardiology service cares for patients at the earliest stages of diagnosis through to patients in advanced stages of heart failure.  Our friendly and professional team will support you through the investigations and diagnosis of your pet’s condition, and ensure that your pet is cared for to the highest standard.

Staying in the Hospital

We know that it is always a worry leaving your pet in the hospital, regardless of whether they come as a day patient or are admitted for a longer stay.  We also understand that cardiac patients require gentle handling and are often anxious, therefore we aim to provide a calm environment to make their visit as stress free as possible, and most scans are done with little or no sedation. 

Pets with heart conditions may have a range of symptoms, including breathing problems, fainting or exercise intolerance, abnormal heart rhythms and heart murmurs.  Our cardiologists’ knowledge and expertise, paired with sophisticated diagnostic equipment means that they can establish which tests are required based on your pet’s symptoms and history in order to make a diagnosis, determine whether any treatment is necessary, and provide it promptly if needed.

The cardiology department also work closely at times with other departments in the hospital, such as medicine, neurology and surgery.  By working together in this way we are able to ensure the highest possible level of care for all of our patients.

Anaesthesia and Pain Management for Cardiac Patients

Whilst the majority of tests in cardiology are done with your pet fully concious, occasionally  sedation or a general anaesthetic may be required.  Pets with heart disease can be very fragile, and have more specific anaesthesia requirements than a healthy patient would.  If your pet does need to be sedated or anaesthetised we will always discuss this with you first, and our anaesthesia service work closely with the cardiology department to give your pet the best possible care with an individually tailored plan.


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