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Matted Coats

Often people obtaining a puppy/new dog are not aware of how much time and care is required to properly maintain their chosen breeds coat type. A lot of pet owners are not aware how serious mats can be to your pets wellbeing. Matted fur is usually caused by;

  • Not using the correct brush or incorrect technique
  • Not brushing in all areas of their pets coat often enough
  • Not drying their pets coat correctly at home.

Many people attempt removing mats themselves not realising how tight they can get. The longer you wait to get professional help, the more likely it is that your pet will have to be clipped short! Although this may leave your pet with a funky hairstyle for a short while, it is the only way of removing the mats safely and efficiently.

Matts can cause dry skin, sores, baldness and in severe cases may require veterinary care due to a loss of circulation.

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