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We offer both day and inpatient care which operate with a ratio of one dedicated member of staff to a maximum of three inpatients. Our care is genuinely 24 hour – animals are never left alone at night.

Please note that you must have been referred to us by a veterinary professional in order to use our rehabilitation services.  Should you wish to book in your pet without a referral, you must first make an appointment with a clinician at Pride Veterinary Centre. Only pets who have undergone a comprehensive health assessment can use these facilities.

Stays may be from the few days necessary to bridge the gap between surgery and being strong enough to cope well at home, to longer stays to recover from spinal injuries and to begin to walk again.

It may not be possible to achieve the care, physiotherapy and rehabilitation required for recovery in a one or two hour appointment each day. Occasionally our clients live too far away to make daily travel practical.

It may also be impossible to care for a patient well enough at home – especially if you work full time. In a home environment the physical challenge of managing a dog that either cannot walk or can only walk with difficulty should not be underestimated. Some clients simply prefer professionals to continue looking after their dog or cat, so that they receive the best possible care.


The inpatient and rehabilitation unit is designed to high veterinary standards but decorated and furnished to give a more homely feel. Because patients may stay for a long time, we encourage owners to visit. The walk in kennels are extra large to accommodate even the biggest giant breed dog and are made of white fibreglass – chosen for warmth, quiet and comfort. The kennels and treatment rooms are equipped with DAP diffusers which aid in reducing stress in companion animals. TV and radio are also available when needed to create a calm atmosphere and help patients to feel at home. We feel all of this is vital as lowering stress levels has been proven to lower recovery times.

We also have an outdoor rehabilitation area which is used for functional retraining. Facilities include ramps, balance boards, caveletti rails, and various obstacles designed to encourage required movements and to improve muscle bulk, strength and co-ordination.

We also offer respite care for families or individuals with disabled or geriatric pets. Some of our inpatients/boarders are simply too vulnerable to be cared for in kennels. 


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