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Marina Martin-Ambrosio

Resident in Internal Medicine

Marina Martin-Ambrosio
Marina Martin-Ambrosio DVM MRCVS Resident in Internal Medicine

Marina graduated in 2012 from the Complutense University of Madrid. She has since worked in general and referral practice in both Spain and the UK.

Marina completed a general internship in 2013 in Madrid, and in Valencia completed both a rotating internship and an internal medicine internship. She also worked for 12 months at Pride Veterinary Centre in 2018 completing an internal medicine internship with us before moving on to start a residency in internal medicine. Marina returned to Pride Veterinary Centre in 2020 in order to complete her residency.

Her areas of clinical interest are haematology, immunology, infectious diseases and endocrinology. Marina is a great supporter of animal welfare, stating “One of my main goals in life is to improve and promote animal welfare.”

In her spare time Marina enjoys travelling, reading, dancing and outdoor activities with her 2 dogs . Marina also has a persian cat.

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Collaborator in the following book: Procedimientos en Medicina de urgencias para el clínico de pequeños animales - sección 9: urgencias endocrinas y metabólicas (Procedures in Emergency Medicine for Small Animal Clinicians - section 9: Endocrine and Metabolic emergencies) Cortés García, C; Del Castillo Magán, N; 2nd edition, Multimédica ediciones veterinarias, 2019.

Oral presentations
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