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Puppy Training Classes

We host puppy training classes

Pride Veterinary Centre offers a purpose built indoor arena for a number of dog training classes. All our classes are run by trained behaviourists, who are more than happy to discuss your needs.

Classes currently available are:

  • Puppy Training Course

Puppy Training Course

This is a course designed to educate the puppy and owner to the importance of socialisation within the sensitive period of development (3-16 weeks). We use positive reward method techniques only. Appropriate experiences with humans, other animals, environments, noises and everyday occurrences are essential for appropriate behaviour traits to become established.

Class Programme

Week 1 

The main purpose of the first session is to get your puppy used to the environment. Some may be overwhelmed by the training environment and there is no rush, let them enter the building in their own time. Take a seat further away from other people and let your puppy just observe. The most important thing is to make sure your puppy feels safe and comfortable.

If your puppy is very excited and confident, remember to keep them away from the puppies who are feeling unsure. By the end of the evening, all puppies will have had the chance to socialise and gain in confidence.

Week 2

The aim is for you to understand how your puppy displays their emotions and how to increase your puppy’s ability to cope in different situations. We also start the journey of command training by teaching a down position and working on recall skills.

Week 3

We focus on getting your puppy to walk nicely on their lead. We also look at which type of walking equipment is the best for your individual needs. We will also continue to cover more complex recall training to ensure your puppy is going to come back when called in busy environment. Lastly, we will discuss your legal responsibility as a dog owner.

Week 4

During the final session we will look at the next stage of your puppy’s development into adolescence, and how to cope with this challenging phase of a puppy’s life. The class will also provide you with advice on first aid to make sure you know how to help your puppy, should an emergency situation occur.

To speak to Kat about puppy training classes or to find out when the next course starts, please call 01332 554422.

Enrol your puppy now if they are fully vaccinated and younger than 20 weeks – Don’t delay places are limited!

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