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Anaesthesia and Pain Management

We all know what 'pain' feels like. We’ve all felt it: sometimes it is mild, but sometimes so intense that it can disrupt your daily life. It can be caused by many things: injuries, headaches, back pain, cancer pain, etc.

Pets feel pain in the same way as we do. Sadly, they can’t verbally tell us that they are in pain. Instead, they show us different signs: dogs may wag the tail a bit less or not want to play as much, cats may hide, and rabbits may look scruffy due to less grooming... Vets have developed several tools to help read these 'signs' and assess the degree of pain in the pet. While it can still be difficult, we can use these tools interpret the signs!

The Anaesthesia team at Pride has had extensive training in pain management and analgesia. You may not regularly see us in the consult room but, behind the scenes, we work together with your vet to manage your pet’s pain and make him or her comfortable, not only in the hospital but also at your home.

How do we manage pain?

Every pet in the hospital that may be in pain will be regularly assessed, using pain scoring systems developed specifically for dogs and cats. Once pain is identified, we will manage this with drugs (such as opioids), local anaesthesia, and other less conventional methods (physiotherapy, acupuncture etc.).

Pride Veterinary Centre also has a pain clinic, which is hosted by the University of Nottingham. This is a great place for pets with long term, chronic pain or terminal conditions. One of the main objectives of this clinic is to improve quality of life, which is just as important as treating your pet’s illness and managing their pain. Feel free to ask your vet or one of the receptionists about our pain clinic.


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