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There are a variety of neurological conditions a pet can have that lead to a referral to a veterinary neurologist. Some conditions can wait for a routine consult and some conditions are referred as an emergency on the same day. You will be seen by one of our experienced neurologists in an hour-long consult.

The neurologist will ask you detailed questions about what happened, will carefully examine your pet and explain possible reasons for the condition and what can be done. We will work together with you to decide on the next step. Although most pets continue to have further diagnostic tests such as an MRI scan under general anaesthesia, for some pets an informative consult is sufficient.

Slipped Discs

Our experienced neurology team commonly sees dogs with a slipped disc who have lost the ability to walk. This can be very distressing for the pet and the whole family. Our experienced neurology team understands this and will explain all possible options at the time of the consult.

An MRI scan would investigate where the slipped disc is and spinal surgery is then performed to remove the compression from the spinal cord. The affected dog usually stays with us for a few days depending on the severity of the spinal injury. Our specialised neurology nurses ensure the best treatment and rehabilitation, which includes physiotherapy and hydrotherapy for optimum recovery. Most dogs do very well and return back to a normal life over a period of 1-3 months.

Brain Disease

Our Neurology service also specialises in brain diseases with the most common condition being a pet having seizures. There are many reasons for seizures, and epilepsy is the most common underlying cause. Investigations including a blood sample, an MRI scan and a lumbar puncture might be suggested depending on your pet’s history and a neurological examination.

Our team will explain to you in detail the different treatment options or adjust treatments that are given by your own veterinary practice to improve the overall quality of life of your pet.

Anaesthesia for Neurology Patients

Pets that have neurological problems often need an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan to diagnose the cause of the problem. MRI scans can be long, and require pets to be very still to acquire clear images of their nervous system. Because of this, pets need to be under general anaesthesia. Your pet will be monitored closely by a member of the anaesthesia department to provide the best possible care.

Some pets with neurological problems can be in pain. Sometimes the pain is chronic, which can be difficult to manage and treat. The neurologists and anaesthetists work together in these complex cases to make your pet as comfortable as possible.


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