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Myxomatous Mitral Valve Disease Screening Clinics

12 July 2019

Based on the recent EPIC study (Boswood et al. 2016), this promotion is aimed at identifying dogs with MMVD that would benefit from treatment with pimobendan.

A combination of echocardiographic and thoracic radiographic parameters are used. Treatment is recommended in dogs with a vertebral heart score >10.5, left atrial to aortic ratio of ≥1.6 and body weight normalized left ventricular internal diameter in diastole of ≥1.7


  • Asymptomatic
  • Grade III/VI murmur or louder
  • Murmur consistent with possible MMVD
  • Left apical systolic
  • Typical breed (small dogs < 20 kg)
  • Middle-aged to older
  • Vertebral heart score >10.5 (thoracic radiographs can be organised if required).

This clinic involves a nurse admit and targeted echo by a cardiologist to confirm MMVD and measure the relevant parameters. We will then provide a letter to the owner and yourself with the measurements obtained and our recommendations.

How Much Will The MMVD Screening Cost?

The cost will be:

  • £300 for targeted echocardiography alone.
  • £400 targeted echocardiography and lateral thoracic radiograph (including butorphanol sedation if needed).

Arrange A Myxomatous Mitral Valve Screening

To arrange screening, please contact the Cardiology Referrals team at Pride Veterinary Centre by calling 01332 548911 or emailing us. Please send a full history and thoracic radiographs if taken.

Please note, this is not a cardiology referral, but is a promotion to increase screening of at-risk dogs, particularly where referral may not be possible due to cost reasons.


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