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Internal Medicine

The Internal Medicine team at Pride specialises in the investigation and management of complex medical problems of both dogs and cats. The expertise and experience of the team in addition to the extensive resources available at this hospital allow us to provide high quality care whilst managing a wide range of diseases and conditions. Common clinical problems that are investigated include fever, vomiting and regurgitation, diarrhoea and constipation, changes in weight (loss and gain), increases in drinking and urination, breathing difficulties, coughing, hormonal problems, anaemia and other blood disorders and all types of cancer.

The Internal Medicine Service have access to state-of-the-art equipment such as rigid and flexible endoscopy which allow procedures such as removal of foreign bodies, acquisition of biopsies, placement of feeding tubes, treatment of strictures, placement of stents and diagnosis of certain conditions. Where appropriate, we prefer to take samples of tissues by minimally invasive and non-surgical means thereby reducing recovery time.

We work closely with the diagnostic imaging team who assist with the different imaging modalities including digital radiography, ultrasonography, fluoroscopy, CT and MRI scanning. Our anaesthesia team closely monitor patients that are sedated or anaesthetised during their procedures to ensure patient safety. We work closely with our on-site laboratory team and clinical pathologist allows rapid interpretation of blood, fluid and cellular samples.

The medicine and ward nurses are highly trained and are a vital part of the internal medicine team; they take pride in providing extra TLC for all of our patients during their hospital stay, whether this be for a few hours or a few days, to ensure that any anxiety felt by your pet is kept to a minimum.

We value a multi-disciplinary approach to investigating and managing the problems of your pet to ensure that we provide the highest standard of care and a well-rounded approach.

Anaesthesia for Medical Patients

The internal medicine team carries out many procedures that require your pet to lie very still. You can ask a person to not move, but it is unreasonable to expect the same from dogs and cats!

The anaesthesia team works closely with the medicine team to provide the needed sedation or anaesthesia. Thanks to this, the procedures can be carried out as efficiently and stress-free as possible.


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