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Imaging Suite

The radiology team at Pride Veterinary Centre uses MRI, CT, digital radiography, fluoroscopy and ultrasound equipment to help our clinicians make an accurate diagnosis. 


MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

We have a High field 1.5 Tesla MRI scanner, which uses a magnetic field and radio frequency to show the body’s internal structure.  Common indications include imaging of the brain and the spine for evaluation of neurologic disorders.


CT (Computed Tomography)

Our 16 Slice GE BrightSpeed Elite CT scanner gives us a 3D image when a conventional X-ray does not show sufficient information.  CT has a broad range of applications in small animal imaging and is particularly useful in the investigation of nasal and orthopaedic disorders, lung disease, vascular imaging, and cancer detection and staging.


Digital Radiography

We have GE Definium 5000 Digital radiography machines, the images from which can be viewed throughout the hospital to investigate orthopaedic, thoracic or abdominal diseases.



Our high definition GE Fluorostar 7900 is used both in and out of theatre allowing dynamic and functional imaging and to show a real-time moving image of the patient’s body. It is particularly useful to determine the cause of regurgitation and to perform interventional radiology.


We have 3 ultrasound rooms, 1 for exclusive use of the Cardiology team, and 2 for abdominal, thoracic, ocular and musculoskeletal ultrasound.  We use GE Vivid 7 and Logiq S7 untrasound machines to produce state of the art images of the internal organs of the patient.

There are also a number of high resolution screens for examining images in the Viewing Room and throughout the hospital.




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