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We have an extensive team in the Imaging Department at Pride Veterinary Centre. We cover CT (Computed Tomography- fast and thorough x-ray type imaging) and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging- anatomical imaging for Spines and Brain), and X-ray in the Imaging Department.

We work with all the teams within the building including:

  • The Neurology department, investigating spinal injuries and brain and neurological problems
  • The Medicine Team, diagnosing complex illnesses, cancers and body injuries
  • The Orthopaedic Surgeons, diagnosing limb and bone complaints including emergencies from traffic accidents and falls
  • The Ophthalmic Surgeons, when the cause of an eye problem is much deeper than the surgeon's eye can see
  • The Cardiologists use the Advanced Imaging Services here at Pride when there is a different underlying condition
  • And the Dermatology Department seeks imaging when there is a problem more than skin deep or when there is ear disease.

The Advanced Imaging is not exclusively for the Referral Teams we also perform in-house studies for any animal that needs the service.

Anaesthesia for Imaging Patients

A large amount of animals that need imaging need to lie still for the duration of the procedure. We can’t politely ask a cat or a dog to lie in the same position for a long time, and handling can be stressful to some pets. So the majority of pets need sedation or general anaesthesia.

You might imagine anaesthetists working only in operating theatres, but we also supervise the care of patients sedated or anaesthetised across the hospital, not just in the operating theatre. Even if your pet doesn’t have surgery, your pet may be under the care of a specialist anaesthetist during their hospital stay!


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