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Grooming Products

We realise that it is not feasable for you to bring in your pet for grooming on a weekly basis, so we stock a good range of pet grooming products at Pride Veterinary Centre.



A good shampoo is key to keeping your pet's coat in a good condition. We stock a range of shampoos including shampoos for sensitive skins, puppy shampoo, shampoo for heavily soiled coats and shampoos for both black and white coats. Our team will be happy to assist you should you have any questions about which shampoo is most suitable for your pet.


We recommend regular brushing at home to keep your pet's coat in good condition. Our retail area stocks a range of brushes and combs to suit every budget. If you are unsure which is suitable for you pet's coat, please ask us and we will be happy to advise you.

We are stockist for FURminator - a range of products to help stop fur shedding.

Other grooming products

We stock conditioners, cologne and sprays for in-between washes as well as wipes and products for nail care.


All our grooming products are stocked to support a regular grooming regime.


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