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Benefits of neutering your cat, dog or rabbit

Neutering is a means of sterilising an animal by removing it's reproductive organs. It prevents unwanted pregnancies and many animal rescue centres now urge pet owners to consider neutering to cut down on the number of unwanted young animals that are brought into their centres.

Benefits Of Neutering Your Pet

There are many health and behavioural benefits of neutering your pet, including:

  • Increase your pet’s lifespan
  • Preventing unwanted pregnancies
  • Help prevent infection of the uterus (which can be fatal)
  • Reducing roaming and marking
  • Reduce the risk of mammary tumours (breast cancer)

Free Adolescent Pet Check

We offer free adolescent pet checks with a member of our nursing team to discuss the benefits of having your pet neutered in more detail. As each pet is different, they will also be able to inform you when the best time to have your pet neutered is and the options available.

If you have a pet that requires neutering, or need advice on neutering, please call us on 01332 678333 or request an appointment.

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