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Caring for your pet’s teeth

Dental care is extremely important for our pets

Dental care is extremely important for our pets. Most dogs and cats over the age of three have some level of dental problems (AVDC, 2016)

  • Feed them an appropriate diet
  • Start them young

Feed them an appropriate diet

This may sound silly, but if we all ate sweets all day we would have bad teeth too. Rabbits and herbivores need grass or hay to be 90% of their diet to allow their teeth to wear. Dogs and cats need dry food to crunch on and not just wet food.

Start them young

Most dogs and a lot of cats will tolerate brushing their teeth if you start them as puppies or kittens. Starting with an older dog will be a hassle so as soon as you get your dog or cat, start putting your fingers around their mouth so they get used to it. Dental packs can be purchased from our retail stores and come with a finger brush and sample size of pet specific toothpaste.