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Hospital Facilities

Pride Veterinary Centre is equipped with the newest technologies

We have a large team of specialists in internal medicine, surgery, imaging, ophthalmology, cardiology, dentistry, dermatology, cancer treatment, nutrition and rehabilitation, all supported by a highly qualified and experienced veterinary nursing team.

Pride Veterinary Centre is equipped with the newest technologies to diagnose, treat and care for your pet whilst they are with us. We have 5 large operating theatres, Radioiodine suite, and extensive imaging facilities including MRI, CT, ultrasound, radiography (x-ray) and fluoroscopy. Our wards are spacious, and built to minimise the stress experienced by patients.

To help your pet recover, we have excellent physiotherapy and hydrotherapy facilities, managed by our own team of qualified ACPAT physiotherapists.

We have some leading veterinary surgeons working at Pride Veterinary Centre, with many being classed as specialists in their field, and we pride ourselves on being to offer surgery, investigation (including imaging) and rehabilitation under one roof.

  • Our hospital wards
  • Medical facilities
  • Theatres
  • Imaging facilities
  • Radioiodine suite
  • Rehabilitation suite

Our hospital wards

Our inpatient wards are air conditioned and equipped to the highest standards. There are separate cat, dog (small and large dog wards), exotic, isolation and intensive care wards.

Our wards are staffed 24 hours a day by dedicated qualified nurses who will have full knowledge of each patient’s condition and spend time with them to get to know each patient’s needs individually to provide gold standard care.

They are all individually thermostatically controlled so the needs of each patient can be met. There are larger kennels for long-stay patients and the dog wards have large walk in kennels that can comfortably accommodate even the largest of breeds.

We have a large cat ward, built to minimise the stress experience by feline patients. Our cat ward is managed by staff who have been specifically chosen for their 'cat friendly' approach.

Isolation is divided into dog and cat areas and prevents the spread of infectious conditions. Each ward has bathing facilities and there is a ward examination area for minor procedures, away from the other patients.

There are three separate exercise runs for small and large dogs and cats within a central yard which have artificial grass areas for urination and defaecation.

Medical facilities

We offer a range of medical investigations and treatments, including feline medical conditions.

We offer radioiodine treatment of hyperthyroid cats, and we are one of only 7 centres in the UK offering this treatment.

Our medicine team are highly qualified and include European and American specialists, working alongside Nottingham University clinicians to offer a comprehensive service

Our medicine nursing team keep up to date with the latest techniques and work closely with the Medicine Clinicians to ensure your pet gets the very best of care.

The medicine team is supported by our diagnostic imaging department


We have 5 large operating theatres at Pride Veterinary Centre, used by a very experienced and qualified surgical team.

Our theatres are designed to minimise infection and complications during surgery and ensure that patients under anaesthetic are monitored closely to reduce any problems. They are all equipped to the highest standards with piped oxygen, surgical air and power supplied via ceiling pedants to allow free movement around the patient. The operating tables are heated to prevent peri-operative hypothermia and multi-parameter monitors wirelessly link back to a central nurse station so that not just the anaesthetist, but also a theatre nurse is monitoring each case.

There is a separate scrub and gowning area, and the kit preparation area and equipment are to human hospital standards to keep infections at a low rate.

There is easy access to the imaging suite if required and all animals are returned to the intensive care unit to ensure a safe recovery from anaesthesia.

Imaging facilities

Our radiology team has a large variety of equipment to carry out diagnostic imaging on your pet during its diagnosis and treatment. These include: MRI, CT, digital radiography, fluoroscopy and ultrasound equipment to help our clinicians make an accurate diagnosis. 

Radioiodine suite

Radioactive iodine treatment is the gold standard treatment for hyperthyroidism in cats and we are one of only a few centres in the UK licensed to carry out this treatment.

Learn more about radioactive iodine treatment 

In addition, we offer treatment of hyperthyroidism by a prescription diet that is restricted in iodine which can be very effective in normalising thyroid hormone levels. This type of treatment does mean that the cat will be on a prescription diet for the rest of its life and must be the cat's only diet.

Rehabilitation suite

Offering both day and inpatient care, our rehabilitation unit is designed to very high veterinary standards whilst being decorated to give a homely feel for your pet. Rehabilitation includes the use of exercise with a range of equipment to encourage movement to improve muscle bulk, strength and coordination.

Many conditions will benefit from a comprehensive rehabilitation programme. At Pride Veterinary Centre, we have a hydrotherapy pool and treadmill, and a physiotherapy suite all on-site. These are managed by a team of qualified and extensively experienced physiotherapy and hydrotherapy team