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Skin conditions in dogs and cats are among the most common reasons why pets are presented to vets, in fact about 1 in 3 pet consultations has some element of skin or ear disease.  Sadly many of these conditions go unnoticed by owners, until the condition is advanced. By that stage, the pet is frequently very uncomfortable or may have a nasty infection.

Apart from not being able to explain how they feel, our pets may simply appear to be grooming or licking themselves more when in fact they are itchy, or sore. Itching is probably the most common and distressing of all the skin changes we see, but changes in hair colour due to licking or inflammation of the underlying skin are also commonly noted.

Risk of Secondary Infections

Secondary infections may become quite advanced as our pets are generally covered in fur so rashes and spots often remain un-noticed by owners. More distressing and painful still can be ear disease, which is frequently associated with an underlying skin issue. If not detected early and treated appropriately, lifelong discomfort can occur, possibly leading to major surgery and deafness.  Early accurate detection is the key!

There are many causes of skin and ear disease in pets and although correct veterinary treatment is important, you may find that the condition soon recurs and you are back to square one. An important part of the vet’s role is to establish the CAUSE of your pets skin (or ear) problem. By performing some simple and safe tests, we are frequently able to pinpoint exactly why the condition is recurring. This can hopefully lead to a much more comfortable pet and a happy owner!'

If you suspect that your pet may have a skin or ear condition, do not delay. Please ask our opinion. We are happy to help and hope that your pet will love you even more for it!'


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