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Consultations are available throughout the day by appointment only.  By using an appointment system we reduce your waiting time and ensure you can plan your day effectively. Our routine appointments are 10 minutes in length. For certain procedures a longer time slot is required.  Our receptionist will ask you the nature of your visit and the number of pets you will be bringing, in order to plan an appropriate time slot.

At a first appointment you will see an experienced Veterinary Practitioner who will listen to your concerns, assess your pet fully and discuss a treatment or management plan that is suitable for both you and your pet. In the event of more investigations being required, we will arrange a second appointment or hospital visit to undertake these.

Occasionally, we will diagnose a problem that requires specialist advice or treatment. (Just as your GP may need to refer you to a hospital consultant for further assessment or tests). We are in the fortunate position to have such specialists and facilities at Pride Veterinary Centre. In this event we can refer you to one of our specialists without having to arrange transport to an unfamiliar hospital that may be a distance away. This referral appointment may be on the same day (in the event of an emergency) or at a later date that suits you. As a client of the Pride Veterinary Centre, this referral appointment is available to you at a reduced cost.

We are happy to provide advice over the phone where possible but please appreciate only a small amount of information can be given to you in this way.
Out of Hours

We have a veterinary team on site day and night. In the event of an emergency out of hours (night time, weekends and holidays) we can arrange to see you at the hospital. We feel we can only provide excellent care for your pet by being available 24 hours a day. Our night staff are experienced in both medical and surgical emergencies and have full support from equally experienced nurses and specialist veterinary surgeons.


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