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Hydrotherapy is the use of movement in water to relieve discomfort and promote physical wellbeing. It has long been established that hydrotherapy is beneficial in the recovery programme for certain injuries in the veterinary field.

Hydrotherapy imageThe dogs access the water via a gently sloping ramp.  A qualified vet or nurse stays in the water with your dog for the duration of their swim, we find this calms the dogs until they become confident of the pool and it also enables us to work the dogs properly.

Hydrotherapy is suitable for dogs of  ALL shapes and sizes!

Actual swimming time will depend upon the injury and fitness of the dog, normally the first time that a dog swims it will vary between 2-5 minutes, gradually increasing over visits up to a maximum of 25 minutes. A full-length session is 25 minutes but the length of the session depends on your dog’s medical condition, needs and ability. We are always guided by the best care and treatment for your dog.

Hydrotherapy treadmill imageOur Hydrotherapy Pool is set up for your pets comfort and safety.  The quality of the water is the same as that for humans.  The water is kept at 29-30 degrees to ensure maximum benefit to the dog and is constantly filtered day and night.

A ramp has been fitted inside to allow easy access into & out of the pool.  The pool can be accessed from all sides for safety - dogs can be removed from the water instantly in any emergency. For additional safety, anti-slip flooring is fitted all around the pool area.

Seating is available so you can be with your dog.

We have separate washing & drying facilities.

View the Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy Information Sheet

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