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Giving your dog a regular groom can improve your dog’s skin and coat.  It also allows you to check for any problems on his/her skin such as cuts and swellings.

Just as you feel better when you are clean and healthy, your dog will, too. Good grooming will help keep them healthy, if you start when the puppy is very young this becomes becomes a fun thing to do which enhances their grooming experience.

People and animals learn better sometimes if they do it in very small steps. A few extra days of kind, gentle and patient teaching will be well worth it if in return you get 10-15 years of happy baths in your dog's lifetime. You do need to learn how much grooming your dog actually needs and keep it on a schedule, generally a dog’s grooming needs depend on the breed and hair type.

We recommend bringing your pet in every 6 – 8 weeks to keep on top of your dog's coat, especially if you don't have enough time or are struggling at home. All grooms include wash, brush and blow dry (including shampoo and conditioner) eyes and ears cleaned and nails clipped if required.


Not got a long haired breed?

It isn't just long haired breeds that need a good groom, short haired breeds such as Labradors, Boxers, Pugs etc. also need just as much attention to their coats.

“I'll just do it at home” you say? . . . well we have the use of our fantastic purpose built, high velocity dryers which blast out all that dead hair that brushes just do not catch, leaving them silky smooth with a glossy shine. You'll be sure to notice a difference.


Matted Coats

Often people obtaining a puppy/new dog are not aware of how much time and care is required to properly maintain their chosen breeds coat type. A lot of pet owners are not aware how serious matts can be to your pets well being. Pets left in a matted condition is usually caused by;

  • not using the correct brush.
  • not brushing in all areas of their pets coat.
  • not drying their pets coat correctly at home.
  • not brushing them often enough or at all.

Many people attempt removing matts themselves not realising how tight they can get. The longer you hold back on getting professional help, the more likely your pet will have to be clipped short! Although this may leave your pet with a funky hairstyle for a short while, its the only way of removing the matts safely and efficiently as matts can cause dry skin, sores, baldness and in severe cases may need to seek veterinary care due to a loss of circulation.

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