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Grooming is a very important part of caring for a cat and most will happily groom themselves without the need for assistance. There are times, however, where a luxury groom can be a real treat for a cat.  Not only will a groom make the cat look clean, but will also relax the cat and take care of any areas that the cat cannot deal with such as long claws and matted coats.

Cat grooming imageCat Grooming at Pride Resort will remove unwanted hair, prevent hairballs and improve circulation, in order to keep your cat in a good and healthy condition.

Our grooming packages can include a brush of the coat, a wet or dry bath using appropriate shampoo, face wash – paying particular attention to eyes and ears, dry (either by towel or dryer) and a final brush of the coat to ensure no knotting of hair.  We also check feet and clip claws if required.

Our grooming staff are very careful when using combs and brushes.  We will always use the equipment best suited to your cats coat type.

We offer either wet or dry bath, using quality shampoos and conditioners, and will either towel dry or blow dry your cats coat by hand.  We also offer hair styling if your cat has a wet bath.

We also offer advice to help you to keep your cat’s coat in tip-top condition between grooming sessions, including advice on grooming products.

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