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We are proud to introduce our Luxury Dog Hotel. Situated in the heart of Derby, the Hotel offers eight large luxury heated suites each with their own bedroom and exercise area creating the perfect stress free retreat for your much treasured pet. Suites are individually themed and offer a stimulating environment for playtime, and a relaxing environment for rest time.

Whether you are going on holiday, moving house, or taking a short break, we offer the finest accommodation, fine dining menu and plenty of love and attention for your treasured dog. We are happy to look after older dogs, dogs with diabetes and/or special diets and puppies. We also offer a pick up and drop off service should you require it.

It is important to find the right accommodation – and the right people – to look after your dog whilst you’re away, so we are happy for you to call us to arrange a visit to meet with us, and to see the superb facilities we offer and discuss your requirements.

Upon Arrival

All our guests are weighed on arrival and weekly thereafter.  The dogs seem to enjoy all the fuss of having their health checks, followed by a healthy snack or two.  Vets and nurses are available if ever the need arises. Should your pet be on medication then they couldn’t be in a better place!

We encourage you to bring as many things as you can from home for example their favourite toy or blanket, as the more your dog has of its own, the more they feel at home.  You could send bedding, a towel or item of clothing with which your dog is familiar. This will help them to settle in. Do not wash it beforehand - it defeats the object of it having a familiar and reassuring smell.

Our units are sprayed with DAP spray prior to your dog’s arrival.  DAP spray is a calming pheromone spray which will help your dog to settle when he/she arrives.

Our aim is to provide the best value for money possible.  With our superior service and luxury dog accommodation, we believe that we achieve this.

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