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Price List


1 cat

£13.50 per day

2 cats sharing

£18.00 per day

3 cats sharing

£23.00 per day (maximum of 3 cats per suite)

Deposit required

50% of total booking


More than 2 months notice given – 100% returnable

More than 1 month notice given – 50% returnable

Full payment required at time of admission

Deposit and days charged



A full day's rate is charged on both arrival and departure days. This means that there is no risk of your cat losing his/her Suite if there are unavoidable delays on your return trip.

All our guests are fully insured during their stay with us and the price is inclusive of food (excluding fine dining), exercise, bedding, treats, and plenty of love and attention.

-  Prices correct at time of going to print  -

Optional extras


Medication - We will give twice daily medication

as part of the boarding cost – any additional items

£1.00 per item per day

Fine dining menu (Served at supper time)

£4.00 per day

Application of flea treatment (if required)

Price dependant upon treatment given


Pride Veterinary Centre has a luxury grooming area so you can pamper your cat before taking them home.  Just let us know when you arrive and we will book your cat into our grooming parlour.

Mini groom Package (eyes, ears, mini groom)


Grooming Pamper Package (All of the above plus nails, massaging groom & shine)


* long-haired cats charged at £22.00 for the Grooming Pamper Package above

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