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Cat Hotel

We are proud to introduce our Luxury Cat Hotel, situated in the heart of Derby, within Pride Veterinary Centre. The Hotel offers eight large luxury heated suites, each with their own bedroom and exercise area creating the purrrfect stress free retreat for your much treasured cat.   

Whether you are going on holiday, moving house, or taking a short break, we offer luxurious accommodation, a fine dining menu option and plenty of love and attention for your cat.
We can cater for individual cats, or small families - and are happy to look after older cats, cats with special diets and kittens.
It is important to find the right accommodation – and the right people – to look after your cat whilst you’re away, so we are happy for you to call us to arrange a visit to meet with us, and to see the superb facilities we offer and to discuss your requirements.
Should you cat need to see a vet during their stay they couldn’t be in a better place as Pride Veterinary Centre is a 24 hour hospital. 


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