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The Dermatology referral service works closely with colleagues from Internal Medicine, Diagnostic Imaging and Soft Tissue Surgery. With our superb CT and MRI imaging facilities, combined with a Karl Storz video-endoscope, we are able to fully investigate and treat all types of ear disease.

Dermatology at Pride Veterinary CentreThe well equipped on-site laboratory with specifically trained technicians provides rapid results for haematology, biochemistry and microscopic examination of samples (cytology, parasitology) as well as carrying out bacterial and fungal cultures.

As dermatology cases often require long term management and support, we aim to work closely with the referring vet and pet owner to achieve not only early diagnosis and immediate relief of clinical signs but also to achieve long term control of the disease, balancing suitable therapy with minimum side-effects. Adequate time is provided to ensure that the history from both referring clinician and client is thoroughly evaluated. A written report to the referring clinician will follow each visit with ongoing telephone support between visits provided. Great communication is the key!


The dermatology service is headed up by Paul Sands BSc BVetMed CertVD MRCVS.


Should you wish to discuss a case to see if referral is suitable or for free advice, please telephone Paul on 01332 548911 or e-mail

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Allergies, chronic pruritus, chronic and recurrent pyoderma

  • IDermatology at Pride Veterinary Centren-house microscopy, bacterial and fungal culture
  • Skin biopsy
  • Intradermal skin testing
  • Allergen specific immunotherapy
  • Dietary investigation and hypoallergenic diet trials


  • Microscopic evaluation of skin and hair samples
  • Skin biopsy

Autoimmune skin disease

  • Skin biopsy and cytology of lesionsDermatology at Pride Veterinary Centre
  • Working with Internal Medicine

Disorders of keratinisation and pigmentation

Foot and Nail disease (including interdigital ‘cysts’)

  • In-house microscopy, bacterial and fungal culture
  • Skin biopsy

Endocrine skin disease

  • Working with Internal Medicine and Diagnostic Imaging

Ear disease

  • Video-otoscopy, myringotomy, biopsy
  • Medical management of otitis externa and media (including Pseudomonas otitis)
  • Digital radiography, CT, MRI
  • BAER hearing testing
  • Soft tissue surgery (polyp removal, LWR, VCA, TECA)

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