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Referral tepehone numberReferral Disciplines

We offer a Diploma led referral service in a range of disciplines, including:


Internal Medicine at Pride Veterinary Centre  Diagnostic Imaging at Pride Veterinary Centre
Cardiorespiratory Medicine at Pride Veterinary Centre Dermatology at Pride Veterinary Centre
Orthopaedic & Spinal Surgery at Pride Veterinary Centre Soft Tissue Surgery at Pride Veterinary Centre
Ophthalmology at Pride Veterinary Centre Neurology & Neurosurgery at Pride Veterinary Centre
Anaesthesia & Pain Management at Pride Veterinary Centre Radioiodine Treatment at Pride Veterinary Centre
Physiotherapy & Hydrotherapy at Pride Veterinary Centre  


Our clinicians are supported by a highly qualified and experienced nursing team.

We offer a holistic approach to the care of your referred cases. We have qualified hydrotherapists and physiotherapists, clinical nutritionists, animal behaviourists and nurses specially trained to manage chronic diseases.
Our aim is to make referring easy with experienced referral receptionists, approachable clinicians who are happy to discuss cases and give advice, regular updates on your referred case and full support after the case is returned to your care. We are keen that you feel involved in your referred cases as much as possible, so you are welcome to accompany patients to the hospital and spend time with team involved in managing the case.

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