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Mobility Clinics

hydrotherapy imageMobility or lack of it can greatly affect your pets’ quality of life and your enjoyment of life with your pet. For some dogs it is important to fulfill their jobs (working dogs), their hobbies (agility and obedience dogs) and for all it is important for a good quality of life. All animals should be offered the chance to be pain free and able to be mobile in order to keep themselves happy and clean.

  • If your dog has trouble getting out of bed in the morning
  • If your cat can no longer jumps onto the worktop
  • If your dog is quiet and withdrawn after a long walk
  • If your dog limps or holds his legs up when walking
  • If your cat seems to struggle getting into the litter tray or out of the cat flap
  • If your cat’s hair coat is looking unkempt
  • If your pet has suffered from an injury to his or her limbs or back in the past
  • If your pet has trouble when crouching down to pass faeces or urinate
  • If your pet seems to be spending time licking at his / her legs
  • If your dog no longer pesters for a walk.

Then in one of our Mobility Clinics we can assess the severity of their problem and make recommendations for:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Medication
  • Supplements
  • Environmental enrichment – e.g bedding / floor surfaces / temperature

At these clinics, we will reassess your pet's response and tailor treatment to their needs.

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