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Radioiodine Ward

Cat in radioiodine wardRadioactive iodine treatment is the gold standard treatment for hyperthyroidism in cats and we are one of only seven centres in the UK licensed to carry out this treatment.

This involves a single subcutaneous (under the skin injection) of radioactive iodine (I 131). This is a very safe treatment as the radioactive iodine is only taken up by the thyroid tissue, accumulates there and destroys the thyroid tissue. This treatment even treats any thyroid tissue in the chest and cures 95% cases with a single injection. This treatment is safe and curative and does not require your cat to undergo a general anaesthetic. However, precautions are taken so that you cat does not come into contact with any people until the radioactive iodine is out of their system.

Cats are hospitalised in a dedicated ward until their levels have fallen to a safe level.  Our licence states that they only need to stay in for 2 weeks.

We are happy to be able to provide this treatment and please contact us for any further details about this service.

All cases should be referred by your cat's usual vet.

Further information is available on our Radioiodine information sheet.

In addition, we offer treatment of hyperthyroidism by a prescription diet that is restricted in iodine which can be very effective in normalising thyroid hormone levels.  This type of treatment does mean that the cat will be on a prescription diet for the rest of its life and must be the cat's only diet

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