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Isolation Ward

Isolation wardThe isolation ward prevents the spread of infectious diseases throughout the hospital. The air in this room is ventilated to outside. It is divided into separate cat and dog areas to minimise stress to these hospitalised patients and is thermostatically controlled to ensure that these sick animals are comfortable. There are large walk in kennels that can comfortably accommodate even the large breed dogs.

A dedicated qualified veterinary nurse will care for your animal and have full knowledge of each patient’s condition and spend time with them to get to know each patient’s needs individually to provide gold standard care.

The kennels and floors are covered with sealed, easy to clean surfaces and each kennel has fresh padded Vet Bed provided and individual dedicated food and water bowls to prevent disease transfer. We have dedicated washing machines for isolation so no contaminated bedding enters the hospital and all waste is taken directly out of the building from the isolation ward.

We stock a variety of diets to meet your patient’s nutritional needs and all patients will have a nutritional assessment. The isolation ward has bathing facilities and there is a ward preparatory area for medical procedures to reduce the need to move them. Drip pumps enable accurate fluid administration to meet the patient’s needs and all medical procedures are performed by qualified veterinary staff.

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