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Imaging Suite

Imaging suiteThe imaging team are happy to see out-patient imaging referrals on a case by case basis. Please follow the link for further details.

Diagnostic Imaging

The Pride Veterinary Centre Imaging Suite contains MRI, CT, digital radiography, fluoroscopy and ultrasound equipment to help clinicians to make a diagnosis

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

MRI uses a magnetic field and radio frequency to show the body’s internal structure.  Common uses include imaging of the brain, the heart and muscles and for the detection of cancers.

CT (Computed Tomography)

This is a 3D image, used where a conventional X-ray does not show sufficient detail.  It is particularly useful in the investigation of nasal disease, and head and spinal injuries.

Digital Radiography

Known as a digital X-ray – these are 2 dimensional images which can show fractures, lumps and masses within the body.


Using an X-ray and a fluorescent screen, this is a real-time moving internal image of the patient’s body.


Ultrasound produces high resolution images of blood flow and the internal organs of the patient.  It is generally used for a range of diagnoses including tumours, cysts, cardiac abnormalities and pregnancy.

There are also a number of high resolution screens for examining images in the Viewing Room and throughout the hospital.

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